Zodiacs Gymnastics Club


The Zodiacs Gymnastics Club, in Burnie, provides facilities and programs that meet the recreational, physical, cultural and social needs of the community whilst having a positive influence on the self-esteem of participants. Nearly 200 people participate in recreational and competitive gymnastics programs at the Club on a regular basis. The Club is also home to school programs and special education programs along with being a site for birthday parties and other organisations’ activities. The Club participates, through the provision of gymnasts and the opportunity to try gymnastics, in a broad range of community activities each year.

The Tasmanian Community Fund provided nearly $25 000 in Grant Round 25 to enable Zodiacs Gymnastics Club to install a new sprung floor. The old floor was nearly 30 years old and over time it had lost its rebound and in many areas had become a trip and safety hazard. The new floor has been installed and anecdotal reports from coaches indicate that the amount of injuries has reduced significantly and that the level of enjoyment for participants is increasing. The new floor has also enabled the senior and more competitive gymnasts to develop new and higher level tumbling skills.

The Zodiacs Gymnastics Club has worked hard over the past decade to improve their governance and the quality of the gymnastics service they provide. Through the support of the community, Council, the Tasmanian Community Fund and government departments the Club has been able to upgrade and improve its facilities and equipment during this time. The Club believes that successfully installing the new sprung floor project was instrumental in them receiving a significant grant from the Commonwealth Government to continue to upgrade their facilities by improving access and safety.