Women’s Legal Service Tasmania

Girls-gotto-know poster

The Women’s Legal Service Tasmania provides free, confidential legal advice to women in all areas of Tasmania including some representation and case work. The Service provides clients with information about their legal and non-legal options and this can include referral to legal services and lawyers or appropriate support services. The Service also provides legal education sessions across on the state on a wide variety of topics.

The Service is committed to making the legal system more accessible and responsive to the issues affecting women in Tasmania. Through their work the Service identified that there was an increasing demand from 14 to 24 year old young women for freely available and accessible information. Through a Tasmanian Community Fund Round 24 grant the Women’s Legal Service Tasmania developed an “app”, which can be freely downloaded and used on all smart phones and tablets. The “app” provides information and answers to many legal questions.

Whilst the “app” is targeted at young women it’s content is relevant and downloadable by all women. The “app” is set out in a user friendly manner and has six main categories. Each category contains further headings, leading the users to the sections of information relevant to them. The categories are Housing and Renting, Employment, Relationships, Money, General and Partying and Trouble.

The “app” was recently launched and can be accessed at www.girlsgottaknow.com.au