Wildcare – Friends of the Freshwater Lobster

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The Giant Fresh Water Lobster was declared vulnerable and endangered in 1998. In 2003, the Lobster Ponds were established at Flowerdale. The Ponds educate and inform the public about the lobster and have a captive breeding program.

Students from local schools help create a place where learning and experiencing new skills occur within a real tourist/workplace environment. Ponds and tanks and the surrounding area are maintained to ensure a healthy environment for the lobster and a positive experience for visitors. Groups from around Tasmania and further afield are encouraged to visit, learn about the lobster’s life cycle and observe it up close.

With Tasmanian Community Fund support, the Ponds were able to install a solar powered cooling system capable of servicing the five outdoor ponds and a number of aquariums in the interpretation room, to ensure the water temperature is maintained at a comfortable 18 degrees or less, appropriate for the endangered lobster.