West Coast Heritage


West Coast Heritage Ltd was formed in 1994 to manage the operations of the West Coast Pioneers' Museum at Zeehan, that had previously been a branch of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. West Coast Heritage coordinates, promotes and preserves the heritage and heritage assets of the West Coast region of Tasmania which are owned or under their control. They also provide Tasmanians and visitors to the state with an understanding of the history of the West Coast of Tasmania through the provision of an educational and sought after heritage experience.

The Oceana head frame, which was from the last operational mine in Zeehan and is of historic significance to the community, is part of the museum collection. After conducting an inspection of the frame using a crane it became apparent that the frame was in need of repair in order to remain standing. In Grant Round 27 the Tasmanian Community Fund provided support to enable West Coast Heritage to undertake repair works so that the head frame could remain an important part of the collection.