Tasmanian Regional Arts - Kentish

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Tasmanian Regional Arts Kentish (TRAK) is one of 28 branches of Tasmanian Regional Arts.  TRAK has over 50 active members who support and deliver arts and cultural activities for the Kentish community. TRAK provides a space for local artists to meet, network, create and display their artwork to the wider community; enhances the appreciation of arts in the community by delivering workshops and opportunities for others to participate in arts; provides a space for touring exhibitions from other regions of Tasmania; and organises and hosts competitions for artists of all abilities.

With Tasmanian Community Fund support, TRAK volunteers have constructed a 160m long walkway that meanders through the historic 105 year-old King George V Park at Sheffield. The walkway is a highly visual and colourful piece of public art created with 80 tile mosaics depicting Tasmanian flora and fauna, with strategically placed seating along the way. It also includes a tribute to the 318 residents buried in the Park from 1859–1900. The mosaic walkway creates linkages to other art spaces in the town and has been created with the support of many groups and individuals from Sheffield and surrounding areas. Workshops have been held for students at Sheffield School and for the community to create individual mosaic artwork that has been installed in the pathway for future generations to see. Participants had the freedom to create their own flora or fauna mosaic to reflect the diverse understanding of the surrounding natural environment.