Tamar Yacht Club


The Tamar Yacht Club was established in 1879 and provides sailing opportunities to the residents of Launceston and surrounding areas. The Club’s sailing program caters for small dinghies as well as inshore and offshore keel boats.

The Small Boat Sailing Squadron (SBSS) caters for all levels of dinghy sailors from around 7 years of age through to adults. The SBSS is run by volunteers and its prime focus is to promote the enjoyment of sailing. The program develops participant skills and confidence and helps to develop a love of physical activity and the outdoors. The SBSS also provides sail training and instruction programs to allow sailors to progress from beginner to national level racing, if participants choose to progress through to those levels. The Club works closely with schools and community groups in the northern region to provide introductory learn to sail lessons.

To safely and effectively offer these programs the Club must have reliable and efficient safety, rescue and coaching vessels. The Club’s coaching and safety dinghies were more than 30 years old and becoming increasingly unreliable and expensive and time consuming to maintain. With Tasmanian Community Fund support in Grant Round 27 the Club was able to purchase two rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) with motors to replace the old aluminium dinghies. Prior to applying for funding support the Club had held a variety of fundraising activities and had raised nearly 50% of the required funds.

The new RIBs are far more manoeuvrable and reliable. The inflatable construction means they are far safer and less likely to cause damage to people or other vessels during rescues. This has enhanced the Club’s rescue and coaching capability and made coaching of young crews, in particular, significantly easier and safer.