St Vincent de Paul Society (Tasmania)

St Vincent De Paul Pallet

St Vincent de Paul Society provides services and support to the Tasmanian community with a specific focus on supporting the needs of vulnerable Tasmanians.  As part of its operations, St Vincent de Paul Society operates a range of social enterprises and conducts a variety of fundraising activities to support the services it delivers to the Tasmanian community.  Included in these services are 34 retail outlets offering affordable second hand clothing and household items. 

St Vincent de Paul Society operates four warehouses, with the largest centre and storage facility located in Glenorchy.  When clothes and other donated items are collected from sites across southern Tasmania, they are initially taken to the warehouse for sorting and storage. The sorting process enables the donated items to be classified and sorted into high end/quality garments, damaged items for rags and stock suitable for export to underdeveloped countries.  Once sorted, items that will not be immediately transported to the retail outlets for sale are categorised and stored at the warehouse.

With support from the Tasmanian Community Fund, St Vincent de Paul Society was able to purchase and install 300 mesh pallets to replace the previously used bales for storing the clothes and other items. The mesh pallets have significantly reduced workplace health and safety risks for volunteers and employees, provided a safer and more user friendly space and increased the air flow through the clothing and other items, reducing the risk of mildew.  They have also provided a more streamlined storage option due to the consistency of the shape of the storage pallets and their stacking capacity and increased available floor space for sorting and undertaking other tasks.