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Sheffield School’s year nine and ten English team have been working hard analysing data, reading research and trialling new ways to increase student outcomes.  At the start of the year they trialled offering extra choice in novel selections, rather than the old fashioned whole-class novel which does not allow for individual interests.  Increased engagement in reading was instantly observed after the first offering of 6 different titles that the students could select from:

“Students were actually talking about their novels in the corridor and even across grade groups.  It was humbling to receive communication from a year ten parent.  She explained how her son had developed an ‘anti-school’ attitude over the years, but noticed the instant turn around this year.  She believed that due to this amazing reading program her son had hit the ground running and this is a major turning point,” Mrs Bean commented.

Mrs Bean and Mrs Midson were so excited by the instant results that they drew up a grant application for the Tasmanian Community Fund:

“We were so excited with our preliminary results and we wanted to extend the program to year 8 and have resources available for years ahead.  We could see the beginning of a reading culture that has been limited prior.  Budgets are tight in schools and this was a pipe dream.  We worked hard to submit an application to the Tasmanian Community Fund and were very excited that they recognised the merit in our strategy.  Now we have been able to purchase the books, students from years 8-10 will be presented with increased choice, exciting titles and they can work in small reading circles to study a text collaboratively,” Mrs Midson.

Across Sheffield School, teachers work in Professional Learning Teams (PLTs).  Together they analyse and collect data to identify areas of need and work collaboratively to overcome them.  Staff share their various skill sets and become curious and passionate about solutions and outcomes.

Sheffield School would like to thank the Tasmanian Community Fund for their support.  Current and future students are very lucky to have such great resources.