Self Help Workplace

The new shredding machine

Self Help Workplace is an Australian Disability Enterprise providing supported employment for more than 50 adults with a disability.  Employees are provided with productive and meaningful employment that enables them to enjoy independent and fulfilling lives. The team work in four commercial divisions: Prime Timber (manufacture of pine and hardwood products such as pallets, produce bins and stakes); Merit Commercial Solutions (mailouts, print finishing, data entry, component assembly), Encore (second hand clothing outlet) and Plenty Catering and Hire (corporate catering service). In addition, Self Help Workplace runs a life skills program to provide its employees with independent living skills such as maintaining a kitchen garden, cooking, personal and work hygiene and literacy and numeracy. 

Tasmanian Community Fund support enabled Self Help to purchase a long strand shredder to recycle used office paper into packing material for local businesses. The shredder is being operated by employees with high support needs.  Self Help Workplace had identified the need for a long strand shredder based on the abilities of its employees, the job satisfaction that would be gained by employees and whether there was a commercial market for the service.  Since its installation employees have enjoyed learning how to use the shredder, have been gaining satisfaction in their achievements and been operating the machine safely.   Demand continues to grow for Self Help Workplace’s shredding services which help builds this sustainable social enterprise.