Rotary Club of Devonport South East

Rotary Club of Devonport South East Bridge

The Rotary Club of Devonport South East was established in 1970. The Club plays an active role in supporting numerous community and charitable organisations locally, statewide and nationally and internationally through the Rotary International Foundation.

With funding support from the Tasmanian Community Fund, the Club replaced a bridge that forms part of the John Palmer Walking Track and improved the approaches to each side of the bridge. The John Palmer Walking Track is a 3.3km walking track that runs through the sand dunes following the coastline immediately east of East Devonport. The track was designed and built by the Rotary Club in 2000 and its ongoing maintenance is enabled through regular club working bees.

The track is a popular recreational activity for local walkers of all ages and abilities. The track design enables young children and older members of the community to explore the coastline and is very popular with local dog owners. The beach is not available for walking during high tides as the sea comes right up to the dunes, so the track enables access to this coastline at all hours.

Unfortunately, the bridge was damaged in the 2016 floods. Using savings from the original construction, the bridge was able to be repaired so that the benefits to the community can be fully realised.