Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery


The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG) is one of Tasmania's major cultural heritage institutions. On behalf of the Tasmanian community, the Museum manages a significant proportion of the island's moveable cultural heritage. The museum has two sites: the former Tasmanian Government Railway Workshops at Inveresk, and the Museum's original building at Royal Park, now refurbished as a dedicated Art Gallery.

QVMAG are holding a major exhibition on Tasmania and World War 1 to be timed with the 100th anniversary of the commencement of the War. The exhibition includes traditional interpretation techniques (wall panel interpretation, the display of objects) that allow the museum to bring visitors face-to-face with real objects and stories connected to the Great War. The museum recognised the value to the visitor experience of having an emotive and immersive element to the exhibition.

The TCF provided funds to provide audio-visual technology for the exhibition for soundscapes, video and interactive technology. The opportunity to use this technology has allowed visitors who respond better to audio, video and other non-traditional methods of interpretation to fully appreciate the stories being told, as well as adding to the experience of all visitors to the exhibition.

The exhibition is divided into three broad themes. The first focuses on the home front, recruiting and the situation in Tasmania at the time. The second section focuses on Tasmanians' experience of war, as well as the politics and technology of that war. The third section examines the aftermath and affects of the war on the community. With TCF support the museum has built a 'trench experience' as the centrepiece of the second section.