NILS Network of Tasmania


NILS is Tasmania’s only community lending service, operating a Statewide Network with ongoing support from 94 Member Agencies, comprising more than 200 Volunteer Loan Officers. Over the past 13 years NILS has shown that a well-managed No Interest Loans program can have a significant and positive impact on individuals, families and children's lives. The key impact of low income loan program is the provision of essential household items, making lives more manageable and assisting low income earners to have an acceptable standard of living. The program also teaches financial literacy to recipients of loans and provides them with a positive credit history and increased levels of confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. Each year, NILS assists 2 500 low income Tasmanians.

NILS is able to provide this support through their member agencies and their volunteers who promote NILS and assist applicants to complete the required paperwork. Over recent years, the volunteer network has grown by more than 300% and NILS recognised that it needed a better system to manage and support volunteers and provide appropriate quality assurance to enable continued growth and support to the community. With support from the Tasmanian Community Fund, NILS has developed STAR, a new volunteer management system and framework.  The system includes a best practice volunteer manual that has been developed and piloted with several partner agencies.  The system has been positively received by the community and continues to be refined as feedback is received.