Maydena Community Association


The Maydena Community Association Inc. (MCA) was established in 1991, upon the 'handing over' of Australian Newsprint Mill assets including the hall, parkland, swimming pool, tennis court and football ground to the Maydena community. The MCA is the lead community forum for residents and interested stakeholders to formulate discussion and determine the directions for the Maydena community in order to achieve the primary goal of economic, employment and long term sustainability for the Maydena township.

MCA launched Rail Track Riders (RTR) in 2011 to improve the economic and social outcomes for the Maydena community. A rail track rider is a 'rolling stock', four-wheeled, lightweight vehicle that is powered by foot pedals. These vehicles travel on 1067 mm gauge Tasmanian railway tracks and transports two to four people. The aim of RTR is to provide tourists with a unique fitness and leisure activity through the opportunity to 'ride' and explore the natural beauty of the temperate rain forests of the region, Maydena township, and the historic significance of the forestry and rail industries within the south-west region of Tasmania. As part of its initial operation, RTR utilises 2.5 km of disused sections of the railway network into the Florentine Valley. RTR operates 7-days per week during peak-season and on-demand at other times.

To continue the economic growth and social viability of the Maydena community, MCA recognised the need to expand RTR. They refurbished the disused National Park Train Station and are currently in the process of obtaining accreditation with the rail regulators to use a further 4.1 km of the railway line towards Mt Field National Park. With support from the Tasmanian Community Fund, MCA were able to purchase and refurbish two additional rail track riders.

MCA has and continues to provide significant paid and volunteer labour towards infrastructure improvements, development and management. MCA recognises that this provides opportunities for ongoing employment, social interaction, mentoring and skill development.

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