Launceston Pony and Riding Club

Horse and rider
Box trailer

The Tasmanian Community Fund provided the Launceston Pony and Riding Club with a grant for a little over $3 000 in Grant Round 23.

The Launceston Pony and Riding Club have been teaching young people riding skills, respect for animals and knowledge of the equestrian sport for over 40 years. The Club, through accredited instructors, provides horse riding skills along with a range of practical skills including animal well-being, winter and summer feeding regimes, worming, hoof care and equipment knowledge.

In Round 23 the Tasmanian Community Fund provided support for a portable PVC arena and a trailer. Previously the dressage arenas were defined by steel posts and ropes that had been identified as high risk for participant injury. The new PVC rails and supports satisfy the national safety standards. They have also provided additional user-space, increased rider safety and decreased set-up and pull-down times for volunteers.

The Launceston Pony and Riding Club operate within a state reserve and must ensure that the grounds are manure free after each activity to reduce the risk of introducing weeds to the area. The purchase of a galvanized trailer has enabled the group to collect all the manure and donate it to the Northern Tasmanian Community Gardens (Ravenswood and Peace Garden). The trailer has also enabled the Club to move and transport portable cross country jumps around the Clubs courses more effectively and to transport equipment around various equestrian venues in the north of the State.