King Island Historical Society

Netherby Shawl

The King Island Historical Society operates the King Island Maritime Museum from the home of the first Currie lighthouse keeper.  The Museum houses a significant collection of historical shipwreck items and maritime artifacts such as the original Cape Wickham Lighthouse lens and along with a variety of other items significant to the Island.

The Society recognised the community interest in the approaching 150th anniversary of the Netherby shipwreck and the need to provide accessible information and displays to meet the community’s needs.

There was a need to purchase 21 lockable glass display cases that are viewable from all four sides to allow full inspection of the Netherby Shipwreck collection. This is important as the society commences stage one of a comprehensive long term plan to culminate in the 150th anniversary of the shipwreck in 2016.

King Island was a site of many shipwrecks, but unlike most others the Netherby shipwreck resulted in no loss of life.  There are many descendants from the passengers of the Netherby that live on the Island or who would like to return to the Island to gain a greater understanding of the event that brought their predecessors to King Island.

The Historical Society, with support from the Tasmanian Community Fund, was able to install the lockable glass display cases.