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The Hobart Gymnastics Academy received a large grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund in Grant Round 24.

The Academy, located at Bridgewater, provides an accredited gymnastics programs to all ages and abilities and includes opportunities in gymnastics, trampolining, rhythmic gymnastics and circus skills.  The Academy also makes their facilities available to a variety of community groups and services.

Over time, and as the Academy has grown, the matting at the Academy had become badly worn and was no longer meeting international standards. The matting had become a trip hazard in many places and parts of the Academy were becoming unusable. The Tasmanian Community Fund provided a grant to install new matting across the entire stadium floor.

The new matting is sprung and complies with international standards. The matting is also moveable so should the Academy need to find a new venue the matting can go with them.

Pauline Elliott, Grants Coordinator with the Hobart Gymnastics Academy acknowledged the significant contribution that the Tasmanian Community Fund had made to the Academy and the members and communities appreciation of the support.

The new “floor” was recently opened by the Tasmanian Community Fund Chairwoman, Lynn Mason. The opening included a performance from Academy participants of all ages and an opportunity for current and past members to try out the new floor.

TCF Chairwoman Lynn Mason said “the performance was superb and it was wonderful to see some many of the people that will benefit through this project”.