Green Ponds Progress Association


The Green Ponds Progress Association was established in 1992 by members of the community to raise funds for community projects and to promote health and well-being in small rural communities.

A pipe organ constructed in 1867 by Bishop and Starr was delivered to Tasmania from London with three other organs in the 1850’s and 60’s. The organ was originally installed in St George’s Church at Battery Point and remained there for 114 years. After its removal from St George’s it was installed in Christ College at the University of Tasmania.

After some time the University identified that it needed the organ space for other purposes and the organ was deconstructed and removed. The Wardens from St Mary's Church, Kempton recognised the historical significance and the quality of the instrument so they purchased and stored it in the hope that they could one day see it restored to its former glory.

The Green Ponds Progress Association, together with St Mary's Church have been providing successful and well attended musical festivals for some time. The St Mary’s Church at Kempton and its Church Hall are used for a variety of community activities including musical events and the Church is well-known for its acoustic qualities.

The Association and other local groups have held many fundraisers to raise money to assist with the restoration of the organ and through this fundraising have been raising awareness of the value of the instrument. With support from the Tasmanian Community Fund, the Green Ponds Progress Association was able to restore and rebuild the pipe organ at St Mary’s Church at Kempton.

The organ will be used for concerts and teaching, music workshops and restoration workshops.