Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden

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Artist's impression of the Chinese Pagoda
Artist's impression of the Chinese Pagoda
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The Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden’s vision is to be a world class woodland garden showcasing and protecting the rhododendron genus.  The Garden’s Committee and volunteers run a very diverse operation which includes plant propagation and sales, catering for small conferences, functions and weddings and staging community events such as concerts.  At the same time they continue with the development of a 12 hectare garden, transforming former wasteland that was never farmed into a unique Tasmanian community garden.  They have less than two hectares to go.
The Tasmanian Community Fund has provided funding for several projects at the Gardens over the past few years.  Projects that the Tasmanian Community Fund has supported include the construction of a multi-purpose room and a large storage shed and the installation of a watering system on the upper level.

Most recently the Tasmanian Community Fund has provided support for the construction of an authentic Chinese pagoda in the "China" section of the garden.  Blueprints for the building and items such as roof tiles are being sourced from China.  The Tasmanian Community Fund funding will be used to finance excavation of the site and to purchase some of the building materials.  The construction of the pagoda is also being supported by the community and sponsorship is being provided from MMG (Rosebery Mine).

Initially the Committee intended to create a lake around the pagoda.  However, this would have required the excavation of many tonnes of very hard bedrock.  The Committee have now decided to surround the pagoda with lawn and create another wedding site option.  This unexpected outcome will create another lawned area to complement the three existing sites used for weddings and other functions.
The funding from the Tasmanian Community Fund has helped the community to acquire an item of genuine Chinese culture and it will greatly enhance the experience visitors have at Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden.  The funding support has also enabled the Committee to concentrate on the development, management and maintenance of the gardens rather than fundraising.