East Devonport Bike Park Committee

Bike Park Collage (2).jpg

The East Devonport Bike Park Committee was established to pursue the development of a bicycle safety park and education centre in East Devonport. The Committee comprises community members and representatives from Tasmania Police and the East Devonport Child and Family Centre. The Committee’s role is to advocate and lobby, pursue funding and sponsorship, engage the community, develop and implement educational programs and actively promote the park.

With support from the Tasmanian Community Fund, Devonport City Council, local service clubs and businesses, the Committee was able to construct a bicycle safety park designed to assist children to learn road rules in a fun, active, safe and practical way.

The park duplicates road conditions that children are likely to encounter when riding their bicycle on the street. It incorporates realistic streets including an intersection with traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, railway crossings, a roundabout and numerous different traffic signs to observe. It also includes a bike-wash. The bike park helps children become familiar with correct road signage, pedestrian safety and road rules.