Devonport Junior Soccer Association

Veranda at clubhouse
Workmen working on veranda
Veranda with enclosure

The Tasmanian Community Fund provided the Devonport Junior Soccer Association with a grant for a little of $28 000 in Grant Round 25 to install a verandah at the Clubrooms.

The Devonport Junior Soccer Association has been providing children in the Devonport and surrounding area with access to safe and coordinated team sport and social activities for over 30 years. The Association aims to provide an avenue for children to participate in a team sport, learn from the experience, build their skills and confidence and have fun. Each Saturday morning during the winter months over 1 250 players between the ages of 5 and 16 gain vital skills in team work, social interaction, communication, leadership and health and well-being. Supporting these players are hundreds of parents, grandparents and other family members who watch, support and encourage the players. Everyone is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers who assist on games days and in the background to administer the Association and the dozens of older children, parents and grandparents who volunteer their time to referee, coach and manage teams. On game day, the Association’s grounds at Meercroft Park in Devonport are a hive of activity as these hundreds of players and supporters organise themselves for the more than 130 games of soccer scheduled each morning. Each year the Association plays host to Junior Soccer Carnivals with participants coming from across the State and around Australia to participate.

The Meercroft Park complex currently contains 15 soccer fields, an amenity block and a separate canteen/clubroom facility. The grounds at Meercroft Park are also used by the Devonport Touch Football Association and other local sporting groups to ensure year round usage and access. The facilities are also used for a variety of community activities and events including the Rotary Kite and Teddy Bear Drop Festival. The high foot traffic area outside of the Clubrooms had a narrow concrete step and no shelter from the elements which led to a very muddy area and other issues in winter.

Through the Tasmanian Community Fund support the Devonport Junior Soccer Association were able to build a verandah roof across the full frontage of the Clubrooms at Meercroft Park and replace and extend the concrete slab at the front of the Clubrooms. The extension will provide shelter in all weathers, will decrease the cleaning time and costs within the Clubrooms and will make participating and supporting sport at Meercroft Park more enjoyable. The Association have committed to installing outdoor seating and tables in the future to allow participants and their families to take a break between matches or to watch matches in progress.