Devonport City Council – East Devonport Skate Park

Skate park

The Devonport City Council received a medium grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund in Grant Round 23 to establish a skate park at East Devonport.

Several years ago two boys from the East Devonport area presented the Devonport City Council with a petition calling on the Council to build a skate park in East Devonport. Three years later another young person presented another petition to Council requesting the skate park. At the same time several young people met with the Mayor to discuss the issues facing young people in the area.

There were very few outdoor recreation options open to young people and there were barriers with transport and costs for participating in activities in other areas. As a result, young people were bored, not participating in physical activity and were engaging in unwanted behaviour.

Following discussions between the young people and the Council, the City of Devonport Lions Club became part of the project and agreed to coordinate the works. The Lions Club was also instrumental in gaining a wide range of community and business support for the development of and materials for the skate park. The Lions Club also made a significant financial contribution to the project.

With contributions secured, the Devonport City Council sought support from the Tasmanian Community Fund for the construction of the skate park. With the preliminary work and the community initiative already shown, the Council was able to demonstrate that the project had broad community support and clearly demonstrated the objectives of the facility.

The Council and other stakeholders were delighted with the outcome and the interest shown by the local community was greater than expected. A Council survey at the East Devonport Primary School found 38% of the students are using the skate park at least once a week and that 80% of the students think that East Devonport is a better place for young people because the skate park has been established.

The project is testament to the results that can be achieved if local communities are empowered to create their own solutions and young people are given the opportunity to influence projects that are of interest to them.