Burnie Police and Community Youth Club


The Burnie Police and Community Youth Club (Burnie PCYC) was established in 1956. The Club was formed to curb a rising trend in anti-social behaviour within the juvenile population and to provide suitable recreational activities. The Burnie PCYC is still recognised as a successful club that provides social, recreational and educational activities seven days a week.

The Club recognised the need to engage a broader cross-section of young people through non-traditional PCYC activities. The Club identified the arts as a potential area of engagement that would provide young people with the opportunity to access developmental and social activities with positive creative outcomes. They also identified that an arts project would provide positive role models by mentoring through community based activities linked to learning.

Through support from the Tasmanian Community Fund, the Burnie PCYC delivered the Burnie PCYC Arts Alive program. Through the program the Club was able to deliver graffiti workshops, stage productions and singing and acting workshops. Mentoring was provided across the program with a specific emphasis on sound production, acting, music and lighting.

Throughout the program young people gained new skills, step out of their comfort zone and perform in front of an audience, achieve personal goals, develop friendships and engage with the community.