Bridport Innovations


Bridport Innovations enhances the lifestyle and physical attributes of their community for the benefit of residents and all visitors to Bridport. Bridport Innovations provide community communications, represents the views of the community to all levels of government, and promotes tourism and local economic opportunities. Bridport Innovation organises fundraising activities to supplement their income from craft and gift sales from the Bridport Visitor Centre. They also receive donations from local business for specific projects. More …

Coupled with community consultation, Bridport Innovations initiates projects on behalf of the community. Some previous projects have included:

  • construction of the Bridport Visitor Information Centre;
  • erection of a boat launching facility in conjunction with MAST;
  • establishment of the Online Centre;
  • initiation of the construction of a skate park in conjunction with the Lions Club;
  • establishment with Parks & Wildlife of a walking trail through the Wildflower Reserve and along the foreshore;
  • installation of solar lighting and history signs on the foreshore trail;
  • completion of seating on the village green; and,
  • completion of a 11.2 km walking track looping around Bridport with the River-Forest section in 2011

Bridport Innovations receives regular feedback from the community that encourages the preservation of the history of Bridport and the retention of the village atmosphere of the town. The History Walk, that was established by Bridport Innovations, describes aboriginal culture, early European settlement and subsequent establishment of the farming, fishing and forestry industries in Bridport and the surrounding areas. The signage associated with the Walk provides for the on-going education of the area for residents and visitors alike.

Over time the initial signage on the walks had gradually deteriorated through weather and vandalism. Bridport Innovations had already installed new signs on the River/Forest Walk using a sustainable and virtually indestructible recycled plastic material. In Grant Round 25, the Tasmanian Community Fund provided $9,500.00 to replace the signs on the History Walk with signs made from the same recycled material.